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About Power Stow

Global market leader within baggage and cargo handling systems solutions in the aviation industry

Power Stow Gadstrup office

A unique combination of

experience and innovation

Power Stow is a family-owned engineering and manufacturing company with headquarters at Gadstrup, just outside Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. In addition to its Danish facilities, Power Stow also has a production plant near Atlanta, GA (USA).

Power Stow was established in 2003. Founder Martin Vestergaard had a vision for a system that could improve working conditions for airport ramp agents, enhance efficiency and reduce turnaround times without compromising on quality or performance.

The Rollertrack Conveyor, a unique belt loader extension, was introduced in 2005. With strong focus on quality and innovation, and listening to the needs of our customers, Power Stow is now the world´s leading provider of the extendable belt loader technology. Today, the Rollertrack Conveyor system serves the world´s busiest airports, leading airlines and ground handling companies.

Rollertrack Conveyor

Thinking ahead and developing new, innovative solutions is central to our company´s focus. Power Stow works in close collaboration with customers. We seek to understand the challenges our customers face in their daily operations.

We then provide cutting-edge technologies that bring value to users and customers alike. Our products are simple, high quality equipment that is reliable in operation, and offers superior performance and low maintenance costs.

Power Stow production

Mission & ambition

Greater efficiency and a

better work environment

Power Stow contributes to more efficient and cost-effective ground support operations through more reliable and flexible loading and offloading of bulk baggage and cargo. Our aim has always been to create a better working environment at airports. To this end, we provide equipment that requires less physical exertion and less harmful long-term physical impact on the human body.

We are committed to setting new standards in passenger baggage handling at airports all over the world.

power stow production
baggage handler
Core values

Our corporate culture is based on our core values, which define our approach to our customers, our work and our employees.

We create value-added solutions for user and customer

Understanding and meeting our users' and customers' needs is at the core of everything we do. We always listen, strive to better understand their challenges and focus on developing solutions that add unparalleled value to their operations and help to improve their businesses. We focus on delivering very reliable products that will serve our customers for decades in all weather conditions in any international airport environment.

Continuous improvement

We are committed to improving every day in all we do, as individuals and as teams. We strive consistently pursue to improve our processes, products and services and to develop cutting-edge technologies. We are driven by curiosity, we seek out new ideas and we think “outside the box”. We are persistent and approach each project with an honest and hardworking attitude.


At Power Stow we seek to build and maintain loyal and long-term relationships, based on an honest and open dialogue with all of our stakeholders. We are committed to delivering on our promises and staying true to our word. We believe we achieve more when we work together because the best ideas and results emerge through collaboration.

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