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Versatile belt loader extension

Designed for reliability and ease of use

Semi-automatic loading / offloading of baggage and cargo

Belt loader equipped with Power Stow Rollertrack conveyor system

How does it work?

Simple operation and full flexibility

The Rollertrack Conveyor is an extension to a standard belt loader. It reaches inside the aircraft bulk hold, makes a 90° turn and quickly and reliably delivers bags to the ramp agent inside the cargo hold.

The Rollertrack Conveyor system enables airport ground handlers to load and unload bulk baggage and cargo faster and more efficiently, while also reducing the physical strain on the ground handling staff.

Ground handling with Power Stow belt loader
Built on customer experience

Great power, great benefits.


  • Faster turnaround
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Save aircraft fuel
  • Less damage
  • Improved working conditions

Faster turnaround

Global studies have shown that airlines and ground handlers achieve much faster turnarounds with the Power Stow Rollertrack Conveyor.
Current customers unload/load 25%-30% faster with the Rollertrack Conveyor compared to conventional belt loaders.

The Rollertrack Conveyor system:

  • Improves turnaround times with fewer employees
  • Is particularly effective on heavily loaded and higher capacity aircraft (i.e.: B737-800/900 or A321)
  • Is very effective in late inbound aircraft situations
  • Improves first and last bag times to baggage claim
  • Improves transfer bag connection
Feature overview

The Rollertrack Conveyor

Key features

Power Stow Rollertrack Conveyor mounted on TLD belt loader


  • 1. Auto-levelling system
  • 2. Double conical rollers
  • 3. Patented elastic guide
  • 4. Intuitive Handles
  • 5. Elevating loading head
  • 6. Safety
  • 7. Bag counter

Extendable belt loader system

The Rollertrack Conveyor is a versatile belt loader extension that is built into a mobile belt conveyor in order to facilitate the loading and offloading of passenger baggage and cargo in the aircraft cargo hold. The Rollertrack Conveyor is a stable and reliable operational solution.

Belt loader auto-levelling system

1. Auto-levelling system

The elevation of the belt loader is automatically adjusted to accommodate vertical movements of the aircraft during cargo and passenger operations.

2. Double conical rollers

The Rollertrack Conveyor guides baggage around a 90-degree corner. The double conical roller system guides baggage and cargo quickly and reliably around sharp corners and down the straight for stacking in the hold or on the belt conveyor.

The Rollertrack Conveyor system handles all shapes and sizes of bags and cargo, including conventional passenger baggage, bulk cargo, pallets or over-sized equipment.

3. Patented elastic guide

The patented elastic guide prevents straps from becoming entangled in the chain links.

4. Intuitive Handles

Simple two-handle operation.

For simple and fast baggage handling, Power Stow Rollertrack Conveyor is operated by two intuitive handles only.

5. Elevating loading head

The elevating loading head ensures more ergonomic baggage lifts and minimizes the risk of serious injury to baggage handlers. Baggage slides smoothly on and off the loading head. The baggage handler avoids lifting and twisting movements.

6. Safety

The Power Stow Rollertrack Conveyor has several features designed to optimize operator safety, protect against pinch points and prevent aircraft damage.

7. Bag counter

Keep track on your baggage handling operation with Power Stow´s bag counter. The automatic counter keeps tabs on the number of items loaded and unloaded.

Technical overview

Aircraft compatibility

The system is particularly effective on bulk-loaded and higher capacity aircraft, such as:


A220, A318, A319, A320, A321


B717, B727, B737, B757


DC9, MD80, MD90


E170’s, E190’s

ATR 72

(cargo aircraft)


2000, 340A, 340B (cargo aircraft)

Compatible belt loaders

The Power Stow Rollertrack Conveyor is compatible with several types of belt loader:


NBL diesel and electrical


Orbiter diesel, electrical and gas


Model 660 gas and diesel, electrical


CB1042EPS diesel and electrical



Rollertrack brochure

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