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Safety and efficiency

Secure and efficient handling of heavy cargo

Flexible cargo handling tool


How does it work?

Cargo handling made simple

The HEA platform is a practical tool for loading and unloading heavy items into and out of narrow-body aircrafts. By using the pedal operated ramps, the operator can easily and safely move heavy cargo in and out of the airplane´s bulk compartment.

The platform can be used on various conventional cargo loaders in order to facilitate a smoother cargo transfer.

Built on customer experience

Benefits of the HEA platform


  • Efficient cargo handling
  • Fewer aircraft damages and injuries
  • High compatibility

Efficient cargo handling

  • Easy operation allows for an efficient loading and unloading of heavy cargo (HEA).
  • The tiltable Flexramp secures a smooth transfer of HEA between the aircraft and the platform.
Feature overview

HEA platform

Key features



  • 1. Pedal
  • 2. Flexramp
  • 3. Security lock

1. Pedal

Easy manual operation. The operator can lower and raise the Flexramps with the pedals on the platform.

2. Flexramp

The pivot mounted flexible ramp can carry up to 800 kg / 1764 lbs. It facilitates a significantly smoother and safer transfer of odd-size and heavy items as it creates a bridge between the cargo hold and the platform.

3. Security lock

The security lock makes sure that the pallet jack stays steady on the platform during transportation.



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