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The blossoming of a novel, yet simple, idea

Extendable belt loader

At the tender age of eight, Power Stow’s founder and owner, Martin Vestergaard, had already succumbed to the fascinating atmosphere and machine tools of his father's workshop. Vestergaard senior owned a small engineering business that was later to supply a complete program of de-icers to SAS ground support services.

After graduating as an engineer and a year making machines for the fishing industry in Iceland, Martin Vestergaard joined his father's firm, Vestergaard Company, where he was actively involved in the design and development of ground support equipment, in particular the Elephant® de-icer.

Power Stow

In 2003, Martin Vestergaard decided that the time had come to seek new challenges. He founded Power Stow in order to bring some long-standing ideas for new machines and tools to maturity.

The first of these is Power Stow Rollertrack Conveyor, a belt loader based on a novel, yet simple, conical roller design. Martin Vestergaard admits that the idea of double conical rollers was a shot in the dark but it stood the test and has been patented. Today, the Power Stow Rollertrack Conveyor is an indispensable tool for airport ground handling operations worldwide, contributing to more efficient and less physically demanding baggage and cargo handling.

Baggage handling with Power Stow Rollertrack Conveyor

In 2010, Power Stow Americas Inc. was established to strengthen the company's presence in the Americas. Four years later, Power Stow broke the ground for a brand-new manufacturing facility in Norcross, GA, to keep pace with the demand in the region.

Power Stow Asia Ltd. opened in 2016, serving customers in the South East Asian, Australian and New Zealand regions.

In 2018, Power Stow China set up a local office in Shanghai to manage and develop the company's presence and growth in the Chinese market.

Today, Power Stow is a truly global company with an extensive international network, serving customers all over the world.

Power Stow belt loader - Delta

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