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GHI Digital Safety Conference

  • Date: 18 - 18 May 2021
  • Location: Digital
GHI Safety conference – Power Stow

Join GHI’s Digital Safety Conference on 18 May to find out how to avoid ground damage or employee injuries from an uncoordinated restart. This virtual event will unite aviation stakeholders for crucial dialogue on safety solutions to cope with a post-Covid world.

Topics include:

  • People: how to reintroduce ramp teams safely after furlough and the lessons learned. Addressing skills gaps and managing ground damage risks with a loss of experienced employees, less resources and steeper performance pressure than ever before.
  • Automation/digitisation: how can tech help us mitigate the pressures created by the pandemic?
  • GSE strategies/equipment solutions: innovations that enhance safety and performance.
  • Complexity and change: staying safe amid enormous variability in work demands and process design created by the pandemic.
  • How Covid-safe are you? strategies and product solutions for ensuring virus risks are eliminated from cabins, crew rooms and check-in areas. The role of testing/screening, PPE and SOPs in keeping your passengers and your people protected.

Kim Meldgaard, Area Sales Manager, from Power Stow is going to participate in the Big Debate session and together with panel members from handlers, airlines and airports will join the conversation to discuss operational challenges, new tools and techniques and best practices including: reintroducing furloughed employees without compromising safety; technology solutions for a safer ramp; tackling injury risks and boosting productivity through smarter GSE.

Learn more about the event and register your place today to join the Big Debate: https://safety.groundhandling.com/

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