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Transfer Belt in Airside magazine´s autumn issue

September 18, 2020

In the autumn issue of Airside International you can read more about our latest innovation, the Transfer Belt.
Power Stow´s Int. Area Sales Manager, Kim Meldgaard, explains what was the genesis of the Transfer Belt, how the unit can help operators to unload bags efficiently and ergonomically correctly and much more interesting facts about this product.

Operators require only minimal training on the equipment. Because it significantly cuts down on lifting heavy loads, individual handlers find it ergonomically very beneficial – while their employers benefit from staff suffering fewer injuries and taking fewer sick days.

The Transfer Belt also makes the process of transferring bags from carts/ULDs to the conveyor belt a gentler one, thus minimising potential damage to baggage during the process. And, of course, it speeds up the unloading process – indeed, representing as much as a 30% improvement in productivity, says Meldgaard.

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