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Baggage handling systems in the latest issue of Regional Gateway

April 27, 2023
Baggage handling systems in the Regional Gateway magazine

Baggage handling systems, staff shortages and growing number of passengers after the covid crisis are topics that are often discussed in the industry these days. Automation and digitalization of processes are the way forward to avoid bottlenecks and ensure a smooth travel experience for passengers around the world. Regional Gateway´s journalist took a closer look at the current challenges that are driving a baggage handling revolution at airports worldwide.

The article includes an interview with Power Stow´s CCO, Christian Søeberg, who was asked about trends and challenges in the baggage handling segment that will change the way in which baggage handlers undertake their jobs. Among others, Christian explains how the Rollertrack Conveyor speeds up the baggage loading/unloading process, prevents injuries to ramp agents and allows handlers to better utilize their resources.

The green agenda was also a part of the conversation, as moving towards electric GSE is also giving an impetus to ground handling companies to renew their old vehicle fleets and replace their existing equipment with more sustainable technologies.

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