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Take a behind-the-scenes look at United Airlines' operations at Denver International Airport

August 29, 2022
Belt loader docking on United Airlines´ plane at Denver Airport

Source: Jeb Brooks from GreenerGrass.com

Travel blogger Jeb Brooks had the opportunity to go behind the scenes at one of United Airlines’ major hubs: Denver International Airport.

In this video you will meet United Airlines´ Gate Agents, Ramp Agents, Ramp Tower Controllers, and even go inside the Station Operations Center. You can also take a look inside a 757-200´s cargo hold and see how bags are getting loaded up to the flight heading to LIH Hawaii.

Moreover, United´s Ramp Service Assistant Manager explains how the baggage loading process actually works and mentions some of the benefits that the Power Stow Rollertrack system provides for the ramp workers.

Watch this great airport documentary about what it takes to run United Airlines´ fastest growing hub!

Power Stow is featured in the video at 9:35.

For more videos from Jeb Brooks visit: https://www.youtube.com/c/JebBrooksGreenerGrass

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