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Baggage handler operating Power Stow´s ground support equipment

Discover the most innovative baggage and cargo handling equipment in the GSE industry

Faster turnaround

Minimize baggage and cargo handling times and become more efficient in your ground handling operation.

Cost-effective handling

Durable product design and lower operating costs to improve your bottom line.

Better working conditions

Power Stow's cutting-edge baggage handling technologies reduce the risk of injury and improve labor efficiency.


Rollertrack Conveyor

Reliable and versatile conveying

The market's leading belt loader extension provides enhanced working conditions for baggage handlers, improves productivity, and reduces turnaround times.


Transfer Belt

Fast, easy and safe unloading

Increase your throughput with our ergonomic unloading aid. Innovation for easier, more productive and faster unloading of baggage and cargo at airports worldwide.

Transfer Belt

Worldwide presence

Every single day, Power Stow systems move millions of pieces of luggage at airports across the globe.

We have delivered Ground Support Equipment and Baggage Handling Systems to over 35 countries. Power Stow equipment works around the clock in all weather conditions at over 200 airports.

Airports Served


Countries Served


Continents Served


Technical support

How can we help you?

Our dedicated support team provides technical assistance. Get in touch with our specialists to order spare parts or receive technical advice.

power stow engineer


Set your career in motion

The aviation industry is constantly moving forward and we strive consistently to improve and create solutions that genuinely add value to our users and customers. If you would like to help us develop new cutting-edge technologies, then Power Stow may be your next career move.

Power Stow production

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