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Belt loaders on the U.S. market in the latest issue of Ramp Equipment News

April 8, 2020
United Airlines cargo handling with Power Stow belt loader

Alwyn Brice, Managing Editor of Ramp Equipment News, took a closer look at the U.S. belt loader market and gave an overview of last year´s developments.

The article includes an exclusive interview with Ray Ames, Managing Director – GSE and Facility Operations at United Airlines, who explains some of the benefits that our extendable belt loaders bring to their daily baggage and cargo handling operations.

Ray mentions benefits that include fuel savings from removing the cargo load system (and avoiding cargo load system installation on newer aircraft); reduced maintenance costs for the cargo load systems; manpower reduction and a reduction in worker injuries.

He also explains why they have chosen Power Stow Rollertrack Conveyors for their ground handling operation:

Power Stow had an electric version and was easier to use from an operator perspective. We had very positive operational results once it was introduced and it was preferred over traditional or alterative products.
Service and support has been very good and the manufacturer is very responsive. Powerstow focuses on quality at the factory. -stated Ray Ames

Ben Reeves, Vice President of Power Stow Americas, was also asked to reflect on 2019 for Power Stow and talk about trends on the market and developments to our range.

Read his answers and the full article by clicking the image below:


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